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Hydra flower brightening skin lotion

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Hydra flower brightening skin&lotion


I apply everything that is said to be good for my skin over, and over, and over again...

but my skin just keeps getting sandier and drier as time passes...
have you checked to see if it is absorbed to your skin?

Hydra flower brightening skin
(Raspberry Juice, 24 Flower Extract, Alcohol Free)


1. skin moisture supplement
2. oil-moisture balance
3. skin suppression
4. skin texture enhancement
5. skin whitening

- Helps keep your skin not only soft, but also bright and bouncy with 24 different kinds of flower extracts that engergizes your skin.
- Helps care skin so that it stays moist and lively by including pure raspberry juice that has things such as tannin, anthocyanin and etc that fills skin with healthy energy while strenghening skin moisture protection.

Keeping skin bright, moist, and lively
Make your skin springy with flower water and 24 different flower extracts that fills up your skin!
Keeping the oil-water balance healthy by using mineral water and three different kinds of natural water
instead of purified water to keep the skin's protective layer strong!

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Hydra flower brightening skin_lotion